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Hylia bless TP Link's abs

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The Legend of Zelda MONOPOLY takes players on a trip through time as they travel through the land of Hyrule and beyond. Memorable locations include Link’s House, Temple of Time and the Lon Lon Ranch and are all up for grabs in this special collector’s edition of one of the most revered video games of all time. In addition to collectible tokens, custom designed game board, Zelda themed money and custom Chance, Community Chest and deed cards, the Game Stop Exclusive edition includes the Ocarina of Time token, Hyrule Map Lithograph and 6 Item Cards for added game play.

6 Collectible tokens:

  • Bow
  • Hookshot
  • Boomerang
  • Triforce
  • Hylian Shield
  • Ocarina of Time (Game Stop Exclusive token)
  • Houses renamed Deku Sprouts, Hotels renamed Deku Trees
  • Chance and Community Chest cards are renamed Empty Bottle and Treasure Chest
  • Custom Deed Cards
  • 6 Item Power Cards for added game play (Game Stop Exclusive)
    • Goddess Harp
    • Wind Walker
    • Minish Cap
    • Spirit Flute
    • Phantom Hourglass
    • Ocarina of Time
  • Zelda themed money
  • Custom rules including Item Card instructions
  • 11”x17” Hyrule Map Lithograph in Treasure Chest Holder (Game Stop Exclusive)


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    I preordered this with the special edition with all the extras. Come over and play with me when I get it!
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