What is your favorite race from the Zelda world? pt.1
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Hylia bless TP Link's abs

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Get aboard the Zelda train, babe /puts on train conductor hat/ choo choo

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Zelda: Hey I just met you
Zelda: And this is crazy
Zelda: But I need you to save all of Hyrule
Zelda: And I'm not even gonna bang you.
Link: That's completely fine, because I'm actually a decent human being who doesn't expect sex from a woman in exchange for my kindness.
Link: Did I ever mention that our fandom is sexist as fuck and that these "friendzoning" jokes aren't funny in the slightest?
Link: Because it 's true

"Are you ready?"

How come no one ever said that the FD costume was a clear sign that a MM remake was on its way tho

umm actually no, anon is bullshitting you there~ fierce deity link is a legit alternate costume in smash 4, you can watch him in action here (and many other videos, mind you) /watch?v=EBFsSPqSeMY


We know he’s a legit costume for Link in SSB4 (I made a post freaking out about it ahah), but that Link pic right there (now that I look at it) looks like SSBB Link with alterations (like all others, really, there isn’t ONE good screenshot of FD)


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The Fierce Deity Link screenshot is from Project M, not SSB4 :(



saw this and had to draw my wife wearing it un u

she’s transparent!


by charcoalo [also on pixiv]

※Posted with the artist’s permission.

"Yep!  Just as I thought!  You look great!  Now, if anything happens, you can protect me with that shield!"

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I got an ask asking if I’ve drawn Link and then I suddenly felt like drawing Link. Twilight princess Link is my baby forever.