What is your favorite race from the Zelda world? pt.1
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Hylia bless TP Link's abs

★ Chi/Hoh | 19 | Hyrule ★

Get aboard the Zelda train, babe /puts on train conductor hat/ choo choo

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Link Cheer Up Team

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Stop being so cute you two, you’re supposed to be the bad guys!


Zelda GIF Challenge:  [3/3] Favorite Cutscenes → Link’s Wish

"Master, I believe at this juncture that a prayer is required.  The ultimate goal we have traveled so far for is now in reach.  Focus now, and wish with all your might for the destruction of Demise."

The sword accepted you as its master…

So it was you who had me imprisoned in that painting, Princess Hilda?



Have I mentioned I’m excited Princess Zelda is in this game

Now I don’t want to play this game unless everybody gets shades.


i asked friends what draw and friends said midna and fi playing cards! very fun to do.